Mon 25th June 2007 20:10
Apologies for short notice of maintenance. There was a problem after the re-racking at the weekend, and since someone was in telehouse at the time trying to fix it, we needed to reboot the machine to sort it out. I've taken the opportunity to do the upgrade at the same time, which appears to be ok. Any problems, please let me know by emailing support and I'll look in to it. Apologies once again for inconvenience.


Mon 25th June 2007 18:45
Sorry for reboot - ramifications of the re-rack on Sunday necessitated some work to be done immediately on the box. I'll let you know when it's all up again - keep checking this page. Apologies for inconvenience.


Sun 24th June 2007 18:45
Ok, the extra reboot to allow me to upgrade the kernel is not going to happen as I still haven't got a working serial console. It's not essentail to do, so can be put off until the next time we have some downtime. Make yourself at home again! Apologies for inconvenience.


Sun 24th June 2007 11:45
I'm hoping to do an OS upgrade, but to do this I need to boot in to single user mode ... which I can't do currently as I don't have a working serial console after the rerack last night. If I can get it fixed soon I'll do it later today. Stay tuned. Apologies for inconvenience, but at least machine is back up for now.


Sun 24th June 2007 00:10
Ok, machine will need one more reboot - that's going to happen tomorrow morning as i'm off to bed whilst things build.


Sat 23rd June 2007 22:55
Machine has been re-racked, and is back up temporarily, but I'm intending to do some maintenance myself, so there will be another reboot. That may happen tonight, or, since time is getting on, more likely tomorrow morning. So, don't get yourselves too comfortable - keep checking this page for updates.


Fri 22nd June 2007 09:30
Reminder that husky will be unavailable this Saturday due to essential maintenance in the rack. Please keep an eye on this page for updates (when the machine is up obviously!)


Sat 24th February 2007 16:30
System is back up and running. Initial checks suggest everything is working ok, but if you find your favourite program no longer works, or something else seems to be broken in some way, drop me an email and I'll look in to it.


Sat 24th February 2007 10:30
I'm currently working on the O/S upgrade so the machine is liable to reboots at any time, plus not everything will be working. I'll update this page when complete.


Tue 20th February 2007 12:00
I'm planning an O/S upgrade to the machine starting around 10am Saturday morning. The machine may be rebooted without warning at any time after this. I'll update this page when complete.

Maintenance complete

Sat 6th January 2007 12:50
Maintenance is now complete. A bit later than expected, apologies. No more planned downtime for now.

Maintenance underway

Sat 6th January 2007 10:30
Expect some disruption until about 12:00 ish

Maintenance update

Fri 5th January 2007 23:20
Sorry for the unplanned downtime. Further work needs doing which I'll be doing tomorrow morning, so expect some *planned* downtime then.

Emergency Maintenance complete

Sat 30th December 2006 21:30
Emergency maintenance is now complete. Everything should be back working again, but if you think there's something wrong, please let me know.


Sat 30th December 2006 19:30
I need to do some emergency maintenance on the machine tonight which requires having to reboot it in to single user mode for a while. This will be happening in about 1 hours time at 20:30.

Email Maintenance complete

Sun 30th April 2006 18:30
Email maintenance is now complete. Everything should be back working again, but if you think there's something wrong, let me know.

Email Maintenance

Sun 30th April 2006 14:30
Email maintenance is underway - I'll be stopping and starting the email system quite a few times and testing, so expect an intermittent service for a while. I'll update when I'm done.

Email Maintenance

Wed 26th April 2006 14:00
I'm intending to do some maintenance work on the email system over this weekend. This may well involve stopping the email system for a while, which in turn means that email delivery to husky may be slightly delayed. No email will be lost, it will simply remain on other servers waiting for husky to come back up so that delivery can be completed. I'll update the web page and send out an email when I'm going to start and when I'm done. Any problems, let me know.

Happy New Year

Thu 5th January 2006 10:00
I probably should have added this entry a bit earlier, but better late than never!

Mailman is back

Fri 14th October 2005 09:00
I should have updated this a day or so ago, but mailman is back up, so your email lists should be working again. Any problems - let me know.

System is back

Tuesday 11th October 2005 12:30
idlerpg is back up and running again. Please join in. See: http://phantasm.metahusky.net/idlerpg/

System is back

Monday 10th October 2005 20:30
Ok, the system is back up and running. No more reboots planned. Thanks to Ogg for his assistance.


Monday 10th October 2005 16:00
In order to apply a few patches and try and fix a few problems we have with husky, we're (well Ogg is actually) going to do a system rebuild tonight between about 7pm and 9pm. During this time the machine may experience a couple of reboots. I'll update the motd and webpage when we're done and the system is fully available again. Sorry for the short-ish notice.

Be gone spam!

Tuesday 4th October 21:00
For those of you who suffer lots of spam, you'll be pleased to know spamassasin is now back working again. Also, I know email lists aren't working yet, but it's on the list.

imap and Webmail

Monday 3rd October 21:45
imap and webmail are now working. If you want to use webmail, you'll have to ensure your mail folders are in ~/Mail/

Coming along slowly but surely

Sunday 2nd of October, 21:45
Most of the major services are now running, but there's still some configuring to do.

Welcome to The Huskies

Sunday 2nd of October, 12:40pm
DNS, Mail and Apache are running. Mail delivery should be ok. Those of you who are members should be able to login.

Huskian Ltd. is now closed.

Saturday 1st of October, 10:25pm
Logins have been disabled. Mail receipt will be disabled tomorrow morning.

Friday 30th September, 4pm
The current Huskian hosting service will be shutdown from the 1st of October. Limited service is already in effect. Please make sure that you have migrated to your new ISP.

This is now the home for The Huskies.